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Why Email Marketing Matters

I deal with a lot of small business that have been around for years. Several have wanted to, over the years, advertise on google and pay the type of PPC prices that their big competitors could pay. The reality was, google advertising was not an affordable means of attracting new clients for them. At the end of the day, you're paying 900 bucks for a conversion that buys $200 worth of stuff. Was it worth it? Will they come back? You don't know.

What I do know is that the clients I work with have solid backgrounds and reputations in their industries as trustworthy experts in their fields. We are working on tapping into their existing client database to see if we can remind existing clients who already know and love us, to remember us on their next PO or RFQ. My clients sell their knowledge base, not just their products.

We decided on an email marketing campaign that can target specific types of clients. Currently, we are fine-tuning an over 4K email list with years of email addresses. Remember to tag each of your contacts with which industry they are in so you utilize that later in your drip campaigns. We use Constant Contact for our clients' needs ... it protects them against being labeled as spammers and gives us the flexibility to create campaigns, promotions and polls.


We started with an initial email campaign wishing our clients a happy holiday, which cleaned up 1600 bad email address on our list.

Start your first campaign with social messaging, that way you are cleaning out your bad email addresses out of your main email list.

By utilizing email marketing, we can tap into an existing client base who already has my client's respect ... and spend less money doing it than with traditional PPC advertising.

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